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Human and Passionate

Phone : +33 (0)6 77 37 44 42
Email : pauline.bruneau@coldwellbanker.fr

With over 30 years experience in human relations and in real estate since 2004, I am passionate.  

For me,  each meeting with a seller is unique.  Each meeting with a home is exciting  by the discovery of the technical construction, the interior decoration and the history of the place.  Consequently each marketing proposal for the sale of a Home is customized. 

For me, the meeting with a potential buyer is the discovery of a project, a wish and a need.  This discovery enable us to have an extraordiary human meeting.  

My general and legal Canadian studies have led me to France where I have built a strong experience in adult training, thus enabling me to sharpen my listening skills.  A Master's degree in France has opened the real estate door, a profession that I practice proudly and passionately since 2004. 

I am at your service in English and in French.  


curriculum Vitae

Phone : +33 (0)7 88 04 12 78
Email : franck.teston@coldwellbanker.fr


To conduct an authentic relationship with you in the fulfillment of your sale or purchase projet.

I'm here to listen to you, understand and define THE PROJECT than will inspire our enthousiam.

- The detail, the charme, the elegance, the rare product are my sources of motivation.

- Being Professional, Loyal and Trustworthy are my driving guides.

- My motto: Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.




Phone : +33 (0)7 67 85 32 23
Email : agnes.riffaut@coldwellbanker.fr

Many years in this business have brought me experience, rigour and, above all, taught me how to listen to customers.

Meeting our customers' expectations is the ultimate goal of our profession, triggering their happiness by finding the property of their dreams is the reward!

Coldwell Banker represents my values in this business, namely professionalism, transparency and listening.


Open minded, multicultural oriented , taking care of the client

Phone : +33 (0)7 62 10 05 59
Email : chloe.boutillie@coldwellbanker.fr

Dynamic and positive attitude is my way of life! I already experimented real estate in Paris area but also in Bali, Indonésia. I'm used to deal with different types of clients and cultures.

I get a Master Degree in Economics in La Sorbonne University, Paris in 2001. I create my own business, as a consultant in investments in Baltic countries, when I came back from Estonia. Later I worked for General Electric in Bank Department, as a consultant in real estate loans. At that point , I  met real estate and I realised that it was made for me! Since 2006 I runned my own compagny as a real estate agency at the northe of Paris. That had been a great source of satisfaction and happyness to be able to change people's life in searching for them a flat or a house.

But as I like new challenges, in 2013 I moved to Bali, Indonesia, as Villa Manager for luxury houses untill 2018. That part of my life was a real treasure in term of dealing, learning, and be humble in front new cultures. I had wonderfull human moments with the locals, but also with many people from differents nationalities. I feel blessed to get the chance to live that experience.

Stronger, with more experience, I work now for Colwell Banker, because it's a personal choice to join a group that represents the human values i defend.



Phone : +33 (0)6 30 07 69 70
Email : marie.david-chat@coldwellbanker.fr

Real Estate is a  job for me.

My large listening skills and my perseverance nature will enable me to take my dynamic energy to sell or find the right house for you. Relationships are very important for me.

Together let's achieve your new projects.



Phone : +33 (0)6 07 37 94 41
Email : francis.guillemont@coldwellbanker.fr

Thanks to many years of satisfied clients and their referrals, I have SOLD over 500 homes in my career. 
It takes integrity, always putting customers needs above those of my own that has enabled me to be a top realtor for 25 years.
Established since 1994 in real estate and more particularly on the Royan Coast, I know well the local fabric  his strengths, weaknesses and beauties.
Tell me about your search. Also, I have open a Gallery since 2016 to develop "ART expression for adult and children". 
For 2019 and 2020, an action of Mécénat with the city to participate in the restoration of the church of Vaux sur Mer "remarkable natural heritage Benedictine Abbey founded in 1075".

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