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Human and Passionate

Phone : +33 6 77 37 44 42
Email : pauline.bruneau@coldwellbanker.fr

With over 30 years experience in human relations and in real estate since 2004, I am passionate.  

For me,  each meeting with a seller is unique.  Each meeting with a home is exciting  by the discovery of the technical construction, the interior decoration and the history of the place.  Consequently each marketing proposal for the sale of a Home is customized. 

For me, the meeting with a potential buyer is the discovery of a project, a wish and a need.  This discovery enable us to have an extraordiary human meeting.  

My general and legal Canadian studies have led me to France where I have built a strong experience in adult training, thus enabling me to sharpen my listening skills.  A Master's degree in France has opened the real estate door, a profession that I practice proudly and passionately since 2004. 

I am at your service in English and in French.  


The Quiet Force

Phone : +33 7 88 04 12 78
Email : franck.teston@coldwellbanker.fr


To conduct an authentic relationship with you in the fulfillment of your sale or purchase projet.

I'm here to listen to you, understand and define THE PROJECT than will inspire our enthousiam.

- The detail, the charme, the elegance, the rare product are my sources of motivation.

- Being Professional, Loyal and Trustworthy are my driving guides.

- My motto: Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.




Phone : +33 7 67 85 32 23
Email : agnes.riffaut@coldwellbanker.fr

Many years in this business have brought me experience, rigour and, above all, taught me how to listen to customers.

Meeting our customers' expectations is the ultimate goal of our profession, triggering their happiness by finding the property of their dreams is the reward!

Coldwell Banker represents my values in this business, namely professionalism, transparency and listening.



Phone : +33 6 30 07 69 70
Email : marie.david-chat@coldwellbanker.fr

Real Estate is a  job for me.

My large listening skills and my perseverance nature will enable me to take my dynamic energy to sell or find the right house for you. Relationships are very important for me.

Together let's achieve your new projects.


Real Estate Agent

Phone : +33 6 09 48 37 96
Email : nicole.allington@coldwellbanker.fr

I moved to France in 2003 and have renovated several properties over the years. I 'fell' into estate agency as I have a love of property, seeing the potential and making it happen.

I get a buzz from every new client, especially when after getting to know them, you propose the 'wildcard' and they fall in love! You have to know your clients, work with them and understand what is important. It's not all about bricks and mortar!

The french countryside is wonderful and the old stone houses have so much potential. I love to walk into an old house for the first time and spend the time to wonder on its history, its life story - if only they could talk. I enjoy breathing new life back into abandoned buildings or explaining to my clients that everything is possible!

Living so close to the Atlantic coast, we truly have the best of both worlds - country walks, beautiful buildings and glorious sandy beaches. Being the second sunniest place in France, there really isn't anywhere else to go!

I admire people that decide to make the move to another country. I still remember how difficult it can be, especially with young children. I enjoy helping my clients along the way. Simple things like opening a bank account, making the 'right' contacts. It's a 'real' service that I provide, easy for me but I know it means a lot to them. It's the little things that I can help with to make their move easier and less stressful. I must have be doing something right for the last 7 years!! I wouldn't dream of doing anything else ! It's a cliché but I love my job - how many other people get to say they have made dreams come true!!



Phone : +33 6 07 37 94 41
Email : francis.guillemont@coldwellbanker.fr

Listen, observe, act and transmit, four words that shape my life, nourished by 26 years of real estate experience.
I like to provide the best service to my clients. I manage my files with a strong principle ideas : the tripartite
win / win / win which each one respects the other.
The result: more than 600 houses sold and many more beautiful properties to promote!

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